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In this edition of our newsletter, we address some important questions when doing peace work: What happens when military forces move out of a conflict zone? How to talk to jihadists? What role can neighbouring states play? What challenges and opportunities do digital technologies offer peacebuilders? And how to work on multiple levels in a war-torn country? Read more about our work in this newsletter.

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Pulling out of Afghanistan, advancing on peace

After nearly 20 years of deployment in Afghanistan, Germany’s longest military mission has recently ended. Hans-Joachim Giessmann analyses what was achieved and what will remain. Meanwhile, Berghof’s support for the peace talks in Doha continues.

Read the analysis here.
Our work at multiple levels in Yemen

While the conflict in Yemen has been in a state of open warfare since 2015, the formal peace process remains at a standstill. We believe that the drivers of the current conflict need to be addressed at local, national, and regional levels to overcome divisions through inclusive dialogue.

Learn about our multi-track approach.
Sahel region: Dialogue with jihadists

Since France announced the end of the ‘Barkhane’ operation in Mali last month, there is increased interest in the challenges and opportunities of talking to jihadi groups. Check out our case study on the topic (in French), authored by Ferdaous Bouhlel.

Also, read about it in Le Monde and Deutsche Welle (in French).
Watch our 50th anniversary events online

We are now halfway into our anniversary year, and can already look back at a wide range of exciting events on conflict transformation trends and challenges around the world. If you missed an event, we invite you to scroll through our playlist. Here are our latest videos:

Beyond men. Challenging gendered dynamics of conflict transformation.

Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. How to regain confidence.

Constituent Chile. International experiences of dialogues and constituent processes.

Perspectives from India. Conflict transformation in a multipolar world.


Event: Social media platforms in conflict

On 28 July, join our panel discussion (in German) – organised together with the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society – on how social media has polarised societies, how to govern platforms and how to start utilising them for peace.

Watch the livestream here.

Join our team  

We are currently looking for an assistant to our Executive Office and an intern for our Conflict Transformation Research Department in Berlin and a student assistant to support our interactive toolkit against conspiracy theories in Tübingen.

See all our open vacancies and tenders.
Peacebuilding and digitalisation

Digital technologies are fundamentally reshaping conflict, and present a set of new challenges to human rights. Peacebuilders should engage proactively, ethically and transparently with digital technologies and reflect on their consequences.

Learn how we engage with digital tools.
Inclusive local governance in Yemen

Talk the talk, insist on inclusivity, and take it to the next level: we wrote down seven lessons for peacebuilding in Yemen for local and international actors looking to mitigate the impact of conflict.

Read more on our website.
Oman: Bridging to peace

In recent months, Oman – Yemen’s eastern neighbour – has played host to delegations to discuss a potential peaceful resolution of the conflict in Yemen. It is vital to understand the country’s unique response to the conflict in Yemen, argues Professor Abdullah Baabood in a recent paper.

Read about Oman’s role in brokering peace in Yemen.

Invest in peace and help us ensure our impact is sustainable. We are looking for partners to support our work. When you donate to Berghof, you enable us to sustain and expand our work where it is most needed. Whether through a single donation or recurring contribution, your support gives peace a fighting chance.

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