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Forgotten Crises: Bringing Lebanon #IntoFocus

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Over 324 million people around the world needed humanitarian assistance last year. Most of them were affected by crises that hardly made the news. Too often international attention – and support – focuses on conflicts that grab headlines, while other crises fall off the radar.

Lebanon suffers from these “forgotten crises”: 80 per cent live in poverty and two million people face food insecurity.

To put Lebanon back #IntoFocus, we have joined 30 humanitarian organisations including Johanniter, Aktion gegen den Hunger and Care Germany in a widespread campaign. On social media and through various activities we shed light on millions of people in countries such as Bangladesh, Lebanon and South Sudan who need immediate humanitarian assistance for their basic needs.

Our peacebuilding work in Lebanon addresses the root causes of these crises. We bring people together to speak about their grievances and connect with each other to formulate urgently needed political reforms and a vision for the future.

Please help us transform underlying conflicts and work towards a peaceful future for the country.

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Join our event today and watch the videos below to learn more about the situation in Lebanon and our work in Beirut.

Feras Kheirallah is the Representative of our Beirut office. He shares his experiences of the 2020 Beirut explosion and the importance of dialogue.

Judge Sheikh Mohamed Abou Zeid reflects on his work with Berghof and how as a judge and Imam he tries to transform conflicts into peaceful solutions.

Journalist and activist Amani Geha explains her impact as an influencer bridging the sectarian divides and deescalating tensions.

Stay tuned throughout the week on our Instagram channel to take part in our campaign activities. Read this article for more information on our work in Lebanon and why the crises of this country should not be overlooked.

Please, donate now to help Lebanon move towards a stable and peaceful future.


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