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Dear friends, partners and colleagues,

Happy Earth Day! To mark the day, we have curated recent climate-oriented articles and discussions for you. They all highlight the importance of better understanding – and acting upon – the impact of climate change on conflicts.

Creating political space to tackle the long-term challenges of climate change and conflict is one of our emerging focal areas for the next three years. We aim to bridge the gap between the climate and peace communities, and engage with climate change actors and experts to develop joint policy approaches and effective projects on the ground.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of our newsletter and we can welcome you soon at one of our upcoming events.

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Climate change: Need for cooporation
Together with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) we convened experts on climate change and peacebuilding to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for both disciplines. Based on insights from Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Syria, they discussed the need to cooperate in order to disrupt the reinforcing relationship between climate change and conflict dynamics. 
Watch the event here.

Complex crises need complex responses

In this blog post, our colleague Nora Rathje argues that when climate change is labelled a ‘conflict driver’, socioeconomic and political circumstances are easily overlooked. In addition to its commitment to climate protection, the German government must support societies and states in finding peaceful solutions for dealing with climate-related stress factors.

Read the article on our website.

Water crises and opportunities

On the occasion of World Water Day, we invited distinguished experts to discuss how water issues can be used as entry points for conflict resolution approaches. They presented practical ways in which communities affected or threatened by conflict can draw upon the growing knowledge on climate security to promote dialogue. The event was organised in partnership with the European Institute of Peace.

Watch the discussion here.
Climate change in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the effects of climate change amplify existing conflicts and create a struggle for resources. This dynamic can only be tempered by a successful peace process and the development of needed infrastructure. Our colleagues Hans-Joachim Giessmann and Charlotte Hamm call on Germany to contribute its climate expertise to peace negotiations and provide technical support.

Learn more here (in German).
Transformative peace education | Open for applications

Join our course on transformative peace education scheduled for October 2021. This online course provides the theoretical basics informed by current issues as well as insights into proven methods from the Berghof Foundation’s peace education practice in Germany and abroad. 

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Perspectives from South Africa | 10 May

In cooperation with the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, we would like to invite you to the kick-off of our event series on Conflict Transformation in a multipolar world. In this session, distinguished experts from South Africa will share insights into the country’s evolving approach to conflict transformation and peacebuilding. 

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Save the date 

To mark our 50th anniversary, we are inviting experts to discuss upcoming trends and challenges of peacebuilding throughout the year. Next, we’ll discuss protest movements in the Arab world ten years after the uprisings (20 May), the role of young people in resistance and liberation movements (27 May) and gender and conflict (22 June).

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Berghof is currently looking for international experts to provide thematic advice and training services for the EU-funded project, Strengthening Community Safety in Yemen. The experts will support, on an as-needed basis, the design, implementation and monitoring of the project activities.

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