September 2019
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What is 6clicks? 
6clicks is a cloud-based platform built to automate inbound, outbound and internal risk assessments for cybersecurity, modern slavery and beyond.

Startups, Trust and Streamlining Sales - the 6clicks Trust Portal


Startups selling B2B software are becoming inundated by inbound cybersecurity assessments. Not only are they extremely time consuming and highly repetitive, but they also significantly slow down sales cycles. To help relieve this pain, we've released the 6clicks Trust Portal. Learn about how it decreases inbound assessments by up-to 70%.
6clicks Compliance Proof
Understand how 6clicks leverages blockchain technology to ensure a non-reputable and transparent assessment audit trail.
6clicks for Service Providers
Help your clients address their regulatory compliance and risk-related obligations, as well as strengthen your client relationships.
6clicks joins several industry-recognised associations

In the coming weeks we will be issuing official press releases to announce our new partnerships with a number of globally recognised cybersecurity associations.

Amongst others, these included the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Shared Assessment Program.

The 6clicks Journey To Date And What The Future Holds


A lot has been going on behind the scenes at 6clicks HQ, and we're only just getting started. If you're interested in learning a little more about where we are and what the future holds, then click below.
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