May 2019  -  Vol.2, Issue 4
Susan, Welcome to May's ProcurePro Newsletter! 
Dare we say goodbye Winter and welcome Spring!   
Implementing an ERP System - 10 Things to Consider First
Congratulations!  You have decided to implement a new ERP system and now you’re wondering:

“Where do I begin? How can I make sure we are successful?  Who should I get involved?  How can I do this and still keep our business moving forward while minimizing disruption?”

In this article, I will try to help answer these questions and more.  Based on extensive experience and research, following is a list of 10 important things you and your organization should consider BEFORE you implement a new ERP system.  Investing time up front to consider each point and determining how to incorporate them into your plan, should help you and your organization to stay focused and ensure a smoother and successful implementation.
Customer Testimonial - Boat Rocker Media
"ProcurePro helped us select the right solutions, saved us a substantial amount of time and money, while improving the contractual terms.  Going through the process really kept us focused, on track and aligned to our internal thinking.  It educated us on our capabilities and requirements.  We are excited to now be transitioning to our new global ERP systems, foundational to enable our rapid growth.  ProcurePro ensured a fair, transparent, organized and ethical process throughout.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services and will use them again in the future."
To read the full Boat Rocker testimonial please click here.
When the Elephant in the Room is Your Supplier!
In a function such as Procurement where negotiating is a central part of the role, leverage is a critical element in those negotiations.  And in many cases size translates into leverage.  
So how do you negotiate with a Supplier that is larger than your company and has great perceived leverage?  
How do you negotiate when your Supplier is the Elephant in the room?  
Read the whole article here.
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Jill Button, CEO of ProcurePro will be speaking on June 19th at the Canadian ITAM User's Group.  Specifically Jill will focus her talk around IT Procurement and ITAM: roles, best practices and challenges. 
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