January 2019  -  Vol.2, Issue 1
Susan, welcome to the first newsletter of 2019!  Let's celebrate a new year filled with many new beginnings, opportunities and endless possibilities.
Happy New Year!  
The REAL REASON I Leapt Off the Corporate Ladder to Start My Own Business
In 2013 I reached a turning point and was extremely unhappy.  Despite the material trappings of my success I was tired of working for companies that didn't love me back, the lack of job security, always biting my tongue, leaning out, while reigning in my A Type personality, instead of "Leaning In".  I did not get that VP promotion despite the hard work and dedication.  I had cracked my head on the glass ceiling time and time again.  I had no time for my family, working fifty to sixty hours per week, eating terribly and feeling physically and emotionally drained.  When I was home, I was crashed on the couch from exhaustion too tired to spend time with my husband or kids.  I was at a breaking point and had had enough!  I wasn't being my authentic self nor living my values. 
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I am a Compulsive Leader
Throughout my career and having worked with many great team members, I do recall times when I offered unsolicited advice on potential pitfalls to avoid.  Often, I rolled up my sleeves, worked along side them, coached them and watched as they had that "A HA!" moment.  The advice and coaching was usually well received.  Is this smothering or mentoring?  Read the Whole Article here.
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"ProcurePro looked at our existing agreement for our multi-function printer, copier and supplies.  To simplify and save money, Jill recommended we completely outsource our requirements to a third party supplier.  She took the lead in developing the requirements, running the competitive bid process and negotiated a new agreement with our supplier.  This allowed us to completely outsource our printer and copier requirements including upgrading our aging leased equipment, supplies, improving the servicing and reducing our overall costs."
Yvette Nechvatal-Drew, Executive Director, Girls Inc.
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