January 2020  -  Vol.3, Issue 1
Susan, Welcome to January's ProcurePro Newsletter!   
Welcome to a new year and a new decade! 
We thank all of our readers for your continued support and hope you have had a restful holiday and, like everyone here at ProcurePro, are ready to take on a new year! 
How I Invented Netflix in 1987
This time of year is sad and depressing for many people.  The holidays are over and the bills for our overindulgence are pouring in.  We are smack in the “dead of winter” with record breaking frigid temperatures and poor Newfoundlanders had to call a state of emergency.  For me it’s sad for different reasons.  It was this time last year I wrote a deeply personal article on “The Real Reason I Jumped Off The Corporate Ladder”.  Here is the link if you missed it. 
I wrote that article while sitting in a hotel room in St. John, New Brunswick.  You see my dad, too frail following surgery to travel to his radiation treatments, was in hospital, fighting for his life, hoping for just a little more time, one more summer to spend with his family.  The article, cathartic at the time, was inspired by how grateful I was that I could take time away from my company ProcurePro Consulting, to be there for him and my sisters who had been caring for him since his diagnosis in Oct of 2018.  I have an amazing family and team who supported me, and enabled me to travel back and forth, so I could be there for his surgery and then radiation treatments, and not have to worry about if I would have a company to come back to.  When I think of those terrifying months, a year ago, I feel tremendous gratitude for being able to be there, but also intense grief and overwhelming sadness as ultimately, my dad lost his battle with brain cancer in Feb 2019. 
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Customer Testimonial - Boat Rocker Media
“It was not feasible for us to manage this process ourselves as we didn’t have the capacity nor expertise in-house.  ProcurePro helped us by providing a comprehensive, end to end approach, customized to our unique, rapidly growing and lightening paced business.  They instilled confidence and gave the team peace of mind we selected the right solutions for Boat Rocker and helped minimize the disruption to our business.”
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ProcurePro - 2019 A Year In Review 
The holidays and a new year are quickly approaching, and what a whirlwind year this has been for us here at ProcurePro! It is a time of excitement but also a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the last year while looking ahead to the promise of 2020. We would like to share with you some of what we have been up to over the past year. What a year it has been!
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I Am ... A Woman in Business. 

ProcurePro is excited to announce that we have sponsored this wonderful event hosted by the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade!  Stop by and visit us at our booth on Thursday, February 13th to learn more about what we do and how we can help you!  We hope to see you there!  

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I Am ... A Woman in Business

To accommodate our growth and expansion! Stay tuned for more information on our new space and Grand Opening Celebration!
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