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Is a universal digital driving licence around the corner?


Global interoperability, enforced by the ISO 18013-5, is one of the key factors in opting for and achieving a secure and functioning mobile Driving Licence ecosystem.

Apart from being a useful alternative/complement to physical IDs, Mobile Driving Licences and Mobile IDs will contribute effectively to combatting fraud as well as establishing the foundation for a wide array of in-person and online digital services.

Read the full post on the importance of implementing an ISO-compliant ecosystem.

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What is Scytáles' role in the ISO 18013-5 Working Group?


Scytáles is a strong driving force in the ISO working group for the mDL and we are fully compliant with this standard as per today. We are representing Sweden (SIS) as an expert through the Standardization Body and Task Force 14 on mDL within ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG10.

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Do I have to share all info from my mobile ID, like I have to with my physical ID?


Besides offering convenient availability of your identity without requiring access to a physical credential, an ISO-compliant mobile Identity / Driving Licence also allows you to share only the necessary attributes for the transaction, rather than all ID/DL attributes.

For example, a bar employee verifying your age does not need to know your name or address., and with the Scytáles mID/mDL you can share only your age and photo.

Scytáles ISO-compliant solutions additionally supplements controlled access to your identity information and protection against unauthorized use, supported by capabilities of the smart device platform, like the usage of a PIN code and/or biometrics.

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