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Dear friends, partners and colleagues,

The military aggression against Ukraine and war crimes and atrocities committed are a major threat not only to Ukrainian citizens, but also to Europe's stability and the global security order. The latest developments are a serious setback to peace and require peacebuilding organisations such as ours to invest even greater efforts towards negotiation, dialogue and all other means of conflict transformation.

Nevertheless, the war in Ukraine should not take our eyes off the humanitarian catastrophes and continuing conflicts taking place in other parts of the world, such as in Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Yemen.

In this newsletter, we want to share with you an update on our recent work and thinking. We are particularly proud to share a video that highlights our work over the last 50 years, but you will also find articles on the current situation in Afghanistan and Somalia, recordings of our most recent events and our latest publications on non-state armed groups and resistance and liberation movements.

Best wishes,

The Berghof Team

New video: Berghof's work around the world

Over the last 50 years, we have been working in many countries around the world to transform conflict into peace — from Afghanistan to Yemen to Somalia and more. Listen to the people who have been touched by our work and who are working to build peace in their countries.

Watch the video.


Our youth platform on war and peace in high demand
In the wake of the war in Ukraine, more children and young people are thinking about why there is war and how they can help contribute to peace. Through our website, our team provides age-appropriate information on the topics of war and peace, as well as answers to personal questions on conflicts at home and school.

Read the article.

Eleven peace education ideas for dealing with the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine poses challenges to civil society actors all around the world. Our peace education team has responded by providing ideas for reflections, as well as initiatives that can be taken for those who want to be helpful while working towards a peace-oriented future.

Read their recommendations.

“We should not forget about the major crises around the world.”

In an op-ed for the German newspaper der Freitag, our Executive Director Andrew Gilmour stresses that Europe needs to continue to focus on the conflicts in Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Yemen in addition to the situation in Ukraine. While the current threat to Europe requires a re-allocating of funds and political attention, he says, Europe shouldn’t ignore the horrifying crises also taking place outside of the continent.

Read the opinion piece in English.

Dialogue is the only way out of crisis in Afghanistan

Our Afghanistan expert Theresa Breitmaier spoke with the German public television show, die Tagesschau, about the need for the Taliban government and international community to have constructive dialogue in order to overcome the looming humanitarian crisis.

Read our article and watch the interview.

Priorities for the new Somali government

At a public event on 15 March, we brought together a distinguished group of Somali and international experts to discuss the most pressing issues facing the new Somali government. We have summarised the main outcomes of our policy exchange and have drafted recommendations for the new government to take into consideration.

Read our policy recommendations.

50th event series

In honour of the Berghof Foundation’s 50th anniversary, we have continued our event series showcasing the different types of work we do all over the world with many interesting guest speakers and panel discussions. You can watch all of our recorded events from the series here. See below our most recent events:
Exploring pathways to peace for Ukraine. Options for peacebuilding in the context of the ongoing war.
Gender-climate-conflict. Key considerations for sustainable peace.
Somalia after the elections. Key priorities for the new Somali government.

Join our team

We are currently looking for a Human Resources Generalist as a part-time or full-time position, an Assistant to the Director of Administration as a part-time position and a Human Resources Student Assistant as a part-time position all in our Berlin offices.

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Our Transformative Peace Education online course provides theoretical basics informed by current issues as well as insights into proven methods from the Berghof Foundation’s peace education practice in Germany and abroad. Timeframe: October – November 2022

See all of our open trainings and courses.


Changing local governance in Yemen

The outbreak of the war in Yemen led to a process of decentralisation with local governance changing. This has long-lasting effects on the way state institutions function, on central-local relations and on citizens’ experiences with the state.

Read our publication that examines the changes under way.

Mediating the political transformation of non-state armed groups

Together with the United Nations Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Section, we co-hosted a workshop where experts and practitioners from different fields discussed transformation processes of non-state armed groups and how they can more successfully be a part of mediation processes.

Read the report.

On negotiating peace: A compilation of strategic frameworks

The publications serves as a hands-on strategy-building guide for resistance and liberations movements and negotiators and mediators alike. The manual aims to assist actors who have fewer opportunities and minimal exposure to international negotiation practice and theory to learn and practice their negotiation skills.

Read the guide.

Invest in peace and help us ensure our impact is sustainable. We are looking for partners to support our work. When you donate to Berghof, you enable us to sustain and expand our work where it is most needed. Whether through a single donation or recurring contribution, your support gives peace a fighting chance.

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