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Mobile Driver’s License Standard Approved and Published

“We are very proud that the ISO/IEC 18013-5 International standard for Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) and Mobile IDs (mID) was unanimously approved for publication, where the Swedish Institute for Standards' (SIS) representatives from Scytáles have been highly committed to the work since the start” said Hanna Axelsson, Project Manager at the Swedish Institute for Standards.

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The ISO mDL standard…the Diamond no longer in the rough

As the expression goes, there is tremendous work that goes into making something so technical look so simple and straightforward. It is not simple, it is tremendously hard work. From the beginning, those involved with the standard knew that this was a complete shift away from a traditional model of an identity transaction – I no longer hand over something that someone looks at and then makes a decision. Various communication protocols, security mechanisms and cryptography, data topology, biometrics, privacy requirements, user control and experience, and many other facets make the cutting and polishing of this particular gem so incredibly involved. But the pressure has continued in the form of demand: a demand for a better alternative to a physical card and the inherit limitations that are inescapable for the cards; a demand for better and easier means of verifying credentials and credential holders; a demand for frictionless use; and a demand that it happens now.  It is my opinion that pressure helped to produce the “diamond”.

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OLYMPUS Project Workshop

We kindly invite you to join us in the OLYMPUS Project Workshop on October 27, between 15:00–17:00 CEST.

In this workshop, the OLYMPUS consortium will present the project, its use cases and business opportunities.

The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in or in charge of IDM solutions.

Workshop Agenda
15:00-Welcome and workshop objectives
15:05-OLYMPUS project approach and benefits
15:20-OLYMPUS mDL use case and demo
15:40-OLYMPUS Credit file use case and demo
16:00-OLYMPUS and eIDAS interoperability
16:15-Conclusion and future opportunities
16:20-Open round table about the business opportunity
17:00-End of the workshop

This workshop is free but registration is mandatory. Please register at 

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Biometrics and the role of binding in Identity Management

We sit down for a chat with our good friend at FaceTec, Jay Meier, and have a very straightforward discussion on the need and value of binding an individual to a trusted identity and then authenticating that and not solely rely on possession of a device as proof that someone is who they are claiming to be. What are the obstacles to successfully implementing face verification? How can we know that we are dealing with the ‘actual’ person and not just an image of them… how do we detect “liveness”? Are there consequences for settling for scenarios where face verification isn’t leveraged? These questions and more are on display in this latest video.

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mDL ISO Standard

AAMVA's Ian Grossman speaks with Mike McCaskill and Loffie Jordaan(also AAMVA) about the newly approved and published ISO/IEC 18013-5 International standard: Personal Identification - Mobile Driver's License (mDL). Publication clears the way for global ID and driver’s license issuers to confidently deploy mDL solutions, and for verifiers around the world to implement or adopt mDL readers. 

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